IfADo as a Best Practice Example for Equality and Diversity

The Leibniz Research Center for Work Environment and Human Factors (IfADo) continues to set a good example in terms of promoting equal opportunities and diversity. For this, the institute receives the TOTAL E-QUALITY award for the fifth time in a row and, for the first time, also the Sustainability Award. The awards were presented on October 19 in Dortmund.

Katharina Grande accepts the TOTAL E-QUALITY award.
Katharina Grande, deputy equal opportunities officer at IfADo (centre), accepts the TOTAL E-QUALITY award.

IfADo employs around 230 people from almost 27 nations. The share of female employees is almost 60 percent. According to the jury's statement, IfADo received the TOTAL E-Quality award "because of its exemplary actions in the sense of a gender- and diversity-oriented organizational culture. Brigitta Thiel, commercial director of the institute, is pleased about the award: "At IfADo, the focus has been on the working person since the institute was founded, both in research and as an employee. We support our employees in developing their potential while taking diversity aspects into account and in pursuing their individual career paths."

TOTAL E-QUALITY Award with the inscription: Sustainability Award for Equality and Diversity 2010-2025

Sustainability award for lasting commitment

IfADo was awarded the TOTAL E-QUALITY rating for the first time in 2010 and in succession in 2014, 2017, 2020 and now 2023. Due to its lasting commitment, IfADo is also awarded the Sustainability Award. "We have been systematically pursuing an equal opportunity strategy for more than 15 years. The TOTAL E-Quality award makes our efforts in these areas visible," explains Dr. Birgit Arnold-Schulz-Gahmen, scientific research coordinator and equal opportunities officer at IfADo.

Multiplier for equal opportunities

For example, IfADo offers special support services for employees with children or relatives who need care, as well as for international scientific staff. New emphases are constantly being set and measures taken. Arnold-Schulz-Gahmen says: "The daily work routine must be adapted to the needs, potentials and competencies of our diverse employees - not the other way around." In view of the current shortage of skilled workers, such offers and structural measures are particularly important for attracting and retaining good personnel and supporting them on an individual basis. "In addition, we are committed to being a multiplier in the region with our modern personnel and organizational policy with regard to equal opportunities. The award motivates us to continue on this path," emphasizes Arnold-Schulz-Gahmen.

Further information on the topic of equality at IfADo can be found here:

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