Study on urinary bladder cancer as a result of spinal cord injury awarded the Herbert Lauterbach Prize

Award, left to right Mr. Högel, Mrs. Leister, Mr. Böthig, Mr. Golka

A study investigating urinary bladder cancer as a late consequence of spinal injuries has been awarded the Herbert Lauterbach Prize by the BG Hospitals. The research group of lead author Ralf Böthig, Medical Director of Neuro-Urology at the BG Hospital Hamburg, also includes Klaus Golka from the Leibniz Research Center for Working Environment and Human Factors (IfADo). Since 1984, the 15,000 euro prize has been awarded to research projects that aim to improve the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of accident victims and people with occupational diseases. The prize was awarded at the German Congress for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery in Berlin as part of the congress finale.

The working group was able to prove that urinary bladder carcinomas after spinal cord injuries differ measurably from those in the general population. This relates to their fine tissue structure and more aggressive course with a less favorable survival prognosis and underlines the need for early detection of these tumors.

Original publication:
Böthig, R., Tiburtius, C., Schöps, W. et al.: Urinary bladder cancer as a late sequela of traumatic spinal cord injury. Military Med Res 8, 29 (2021).
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