Dr. Karolina Edlund

Scientific staff

Head of department
Prof. Dr. Jan G. Hengstler
Monika Turajski
Ardeystr. 67
44139 Dortmund

Here you will find the Publications from 2010 onwards that were produced at IfADo.

Gene expression-based prediction of neoadjuvant chemotherapy response in early breast cancer: results of the prospective multicenter EXPRESSION trial. Clin Cancer Res 27: 2148-2158 (2021)
Contribution to the ongoing discussion on fluoride toxicity. Arch Toxicol 95: 2571-2587 (2021)
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Prognostic impact of immunoglobulin kappa C (IGKC) in early breast cancer. Cancers (Basel) 13 (14): 3626 (2021) (13 pp)
Spatio-temporal multiscale analysis of western diet-fed mice reveals a translationally relevant sequence of events during NAFLD progression. Cells 10 (10): 2516 (2021) (29 pp)
Inflammation-associated suppression of metabolic gene networks in acute and chronic liver disease. Arch Toxicol 94: 205-217 (2020)
Toxicity of fluoride: critical evaluation of evidence for human developmental neurotoxicity in epidemiological studies, animal experiments and in vitro analyses. Arch Toxicol 94: 1375-1415 (2020)
HR-MAS NMR based quantitative metabolomics in breast cancer. Metabolites 9(2): E19 (2019) (27 pp)
Prognostic impact of tumor cell programmed death ligand 1 expression and immune cell infiltration in NSCLC. J Thorac Oncol 14: 628-640 (2019)
LIPG-promoted lipid storage mediates adaptation to oxidative stress in breast cancer. Int J Cancer 145: 901-915 (2019)
Road map for development of stem cell-based alternative test methods. Trends Mol Med 25: 470-481 (2019)
Prediction of human drug-induced liver injury (DILI) in relation to oral doses and blood concentrations. Arch Toxicol 93: 1609-1637 (2019)
Der Mensch zum Selberbauen? Möglichkeiten und Grenzen Stammzell-basierter Testverfahren in der Wirkstoffforschung. Laborpraxis 2019 (August): 46-49
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