The group investigates the physiological basis of cognitive performance and how it is influenced by individual and environmental factors in order to improve working conditions and performance.

Head of department
Prof. Dr. Michael Nitsche
Lisa Göbel
Ardeystr. 67
44139 Dortmund

Head of Department

On the one hand, the focus of the project group is on expanding knowledge regarding the dynamic change of brain functions, which play an essential role in learning and memory formation as well as generally adaptive, situation-appropriate, but also pathological behaviour and experience. To this end, the researchers also use neuromodulatory methods such as non-invasive brain stimulation. On the other hand, this knowledge from basic research will be used to identify intrinsic and extrinsic factors influencing these phenomena and their effects on cognition and behaviour relevant to everyday life and work, as well as to prevent or treat pathological changes.

Focus 1: In basic studies, the team is particularly concerned with the development and optimisation of stimulation methods for the induction of neuroplasticity and oscillatory brain activity, which are relevant for elucidating the causality of brain physiology for cognitive processes, but also for interventions. In addition, pharmacological interventions are used to elucidate physiological bases.

Focus 2: In these projects, work-relevant cognitive functions are investigated in detail as to which physiological mechanisms underlie them. The researchers are particularly concerned with executive functions, motor skills, as well as extinction learning and stress management.

Focus 3: Based on a detailed understanding of the physiological correlates of experience and behaviour, neuromodulatory factors that influence work performance are identified and methods for targeted change are developed to improve working conditions and performance. The focus here is on age-related changes in performance, chronotypes, the investigation of the effects of various work-relevant neuromodulatory factors on brain activity and plasticity as well as cognitive performance and exploration.


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