In this section are listed news about important publications, research projects and events.

Matthias Jäger


Matthias Jäger publishes “The Dortmund Lumbar Load Atlas”

Lower back complaints are among the most common illnesses in the working world. Not only heavy loads or forced postures play an important role, but also the duration and frequency of load phases. “The Dortmund Lumbar Load Atlas”, by Matthias Jäger, is a …


Blood donors wanted: 20 Euro compensation

Freshly donated blood is regularly needed for IfADo research projects in the field of immunology. The desired cells are isolated from about 300 ml of whole blood and used for scientific purposes. The time required for a blood donation is low and usually takes …
Test person with smartglasses


What influence do smartglasses have on interaction work in the healthcare sector?

Smartglasses have been used in the logistics sector for some time. Increasingly, their use in the healthcare sector is also being discussed. Unlike in logistics, however, healthcare professions depend on trusting interaction with patients.


Functional imaging shows how intestinal and liver diseases mutually influence each other

A mechanism underlying several liver diseases is that the bile produced in the liver cannot be secreted into the intestine as intended. This leads to a backlog of bile, which can damage the liver tissue. The research groups of Prof. Trautwein, Junior-Prof. …
Filled supermarket shelves


Jan Hengstler re-elected SKLM chairman

Prof. Dr. Jan Hengstler, Head of the Department Toxicology, has been re-elected chairman of the Senate Commission on Food Safety (Senatskommission zur gesundheitlichen Bewertung von Lebensmitteln – SKLM) of the German Research Foundation. The term of office is …


IfADo at City Cycling 2023

The researchers at IfADo took part in the city cycling event again this year and cycled a lot of kilometres. The aim of the initiative is to cycle as much as possible, both professionally and privately. This year, 447 teams cycled a total of 1,081,413 …


IfADo at the AOK company run 2023

Yesterday, the annual AOK company run took place at Phoenix-West. IfADo was also at the start with around 30 runners. The 6.7-kilometre circuit could be run or walked. Daniel Strobel was the first to cross the finish line this year with a new IfADo best time …
Robot arm in the lab


FELICE: IfADo’s task

Introduction human-robot collaboration does not necessarily result in improving work. From the point of ergonomics, automation technology should also result an increase in human well-being. This is one major focus in the FELICE project.
Stressed worker at the computer


German Center for Mental Health launches

The German Center for Mental Health starts in May and IfADo is part of it. The new, nationwide center has a foothold in the middle of the Ruhr area. The goal is to improve mental health in the long term. IfADo scientists from the fields of neuroscience, …