Waves in the head - IfADo at science slam in Braunschweig

IfADo researcher Dr. Laura-Isabelle Klatt performed at a science slam organized by the Braunschweig House of Science at Eventspace 381 on 22 May. She and four other slammers presented their research topics in a relaxed and humorous way.

Laura Klatt at the science slam

Laura Klatt's research focuses on information processing. In her slam "Waves in the head: How our brain deals with the flood of information in our environment", she showed how incoming information is filtered in the human brain. Alpha waves play an important role here, overlaying the information that is not currently in focus. In a way, they act as a gatekeeper for the processing of information. In the public vote, Laura Klatt finished just behind Sebastian Markert, who won the prize (the Golden Brain).

Scientific contact:
Dr. Laura-Isabelle Klatt
Scientific staff
Ardeystrasse 67 Dortmund Nordrhein-Westfalen DE 44139
Press contact:
Verena Kemmler
Press and Public Relations
Ardeystrasse 67 Dortmund Nordrhein-Westfalen DE 44139