Watzl Weekly honoured with BdKom Award

For their outstanding science communication, Carsten Watzl from the Leibniz Institute for Labour Research at TU Dortmund University (IfADo) and Stefan Schwark from the German Professional Association for Nursing Professions Nordwest e.V. won the BdKom Award in the category „Smart Budget“ from the German Association of Communicators with their format „Watzl Weekly“.

Icon image BdKom Award

Federal Association of Communicators (BdKom) is the leading professional association for press and communication managers from companies and organisations in German-speaking countries. As part of the Kommunikationskongress, the largest specialist conference for professional communication in Germany, the BdKom annually presents the BdKom Award in various categories.

This year Carsten Watzl and Stefan Schwark were nominated for their cooperation project „Watzl Weekly“ in the category „Smart Budget“. The project „Watzl Weekly“ was originally intended as an educational format for professional carers. During the pandemic, there was initially hardly any trustworthy content on the topic of vaccinations and additional uncertainty in the social media. With „Watzl Weekly“, Stefan Schwark from nursing and Carsten Watzl from science set up a unique project and met the need for information. The success was so great that not only professional carers followed the channel. There were up to 71,000 views per clip.

Congratulations, Carsten Watzl and Stefan Schwark for your successful work.

Scientific contact:
Prof. Dr. Carsten Watzl
Head of department Immunology
Ardeystrasse 67 Dortmund Nordrhein-Westfalen DE 44139
Press contact:
Anne Gregory
Press officer
Ardeystrasse 67 Dortmund Nordrhein-Westfalen DE 44139