Yannick Metzler honored as Best Young Scientist

IfADo scientist Yannick Metzler has received this year's Best Young Scientist Award from the Gesellschaft für Arbeitswissenschaft (GfA). At the 70th GfA Spring Congress in Stuttgart, he gave a presentation entitled "Risk indicators for assessing mental stress - an organizational approach using sick leave data". Together with other researchers, he was honored among more than 120 speakers.

Yannick Metzler in front of a poster showing his research

The assessment of mental stress is an important step towards successful risk minimization. However, when a hazard becomes a risk has not been sufficiently investigated. Metzler's group compared three different risk metrics for the assessment of mental stress in terms of their predictive power for registered sick leave at organizational level. They found that all three metrics predicted sickness absence, but to different degrees and taking into account different stress factors. Yannick Metzler presented the results of this work at the GfA Spring Congress.

The award includes funding of up to €2,250 for a trip to Korea for IEA 2024, a congress of the International Ergonomics Association that takes place every three years. In addition, the award-winning researchers will have the opportunity to present their contributions again at the IEA in front of an international audience.

Scientific contact:
Dr. Yannick Metzler
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