Dialogue between science and politics: Leibniz im Landtag 2023

On November 30, the "Leibniz im Landtag" event took place once again, at which researchers from the Leibniz Research Centers in North Rhine-Westphalia engage in dialogue with politicians from the state parliament. Tim Brecklinghaus and Stephan Getzmann from IfADo also took part.

Picture collage of the participants from left to right Stephan Getzmann with Charlotte Quik, Tim Brecklinghausen with Julia Eisentraut

Since 2009, "Leibniz im Landtag" has offered members of the state parliament from all parties in North Rhine-Westphalia the opportunity to discuss current issues relevant to society and research in a direct exchange with expert discussion partners from the world of science. The aim is also to provide information about forward-looking developments.

At the same time, the politicians can gain an impression of the diversity of scientific expertise at the Leibniz Research Centers of North Rhine-Westphalia. Researchers from the Leibniz Association provide insights into current trends and results from their fields of research and, for their part, are given the opportunity to critically reflect on the social relevance of their scientific issues during the event.

Two scientists from IfADo were also present this year. Tim Brecklinghaus spoke with Julia Eisentraut and Meral Thoms (both Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) about alternatives to animal testing, in particular about test systems with human liver cells in the culture dish. Stephan Getzmann talked to Charlotte Quik (CDU) about the Dortmund Vital Study and in this context also about the effects and correlations of age, working conditions, lifestyle, and stress.

Scientific contact:
Dr. Tim Brecklinghaus
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PD Dr. Stephan Getzmann
Scientific staff
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