Awarded: Innovation Prize 2024

The German Society for Occupational and Environmental Medicine has awarded the 2024 Innovation Prize to the authors of the specialist article "Occupational bladder carcinoma - The BK 1301 matrix as an algorithm and decision aid for a correlation assessment" (Original: Das beruflich bedingte Harnblasenkarzinom - Die BK 1301-Matrix als Algorithmus und Entscheidungshilfe für eine Zusammenhangsbegutachtung). Prof Klaus Golka and Prof Hermann Bolt from IfADo were involved.

Illustration of an urinary bladder with a tumour

The article contains important decision-making aids for the assessment of occupational bladder cancer. For this purpose, algorithms are provided that enable a correlation assessment of various occupational and non-occupational indicators. The authors created one BK 1301 matrix for carcinogenic aromatic amines and one for the hairdressing profession, among other things.

Since 2006, the Innovation Award has recognised innovative achievements in research, teaching or further and advanced training that have made a significant contribution to the development of the specialist field.

Original publication:
Weistenhöfer W, Golka K, Bolm-Audorff U, Bolt HM, Brüning T, Hallier E, Pallapies D, Prager H-M, Schilling T, Schmitz-Spanke S, Uter W, Weiß T, Drexler H: Das beruflich bedingte Harnblasenkarzinom. Die BK 1301-Matrix als Algorithmus und Entscheidungshilfe für eine Zusammenhangsbegutachtung. Med Sachverst 118 (2): 79-93 (2022)
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