FELICE Update: Training workers for cobot interaction

Creating a successful collaboration between human and cobot does not only require designing the robot itself. Humans also need to understand the peculiarities of having a cobot as a team member. Therefore, as part of the FELICE project, researchers at IfADo are currently developing a training program for workers to foster interaction, understanding and safety.

Symbol picture: Human and robot hand in hand

The objective of this training is to impart workers with a comprehensive understanding of the modalities through which they can engage and communicate effectively with their robotic counterparts. It is imperative for the worker to possess the capability to foresee the robot's actions, fostering a relationship built on trust. Additionally, the training addresses crucial facets such as acceptance and safety, delving into inquiries such as the robot's utility in the workflow, the level of safety in interacting with the robot, and potential methods for influencing the interaction.

These aspects form the three columns of this training: Safety instructions, Collaboration and Failure Case handling:

Chart explains the there columns of the train program
Scientific contact:
Dr. Yannick Metzler
Scientific staff
Ardeystrasse 67 Dortmund Nordrhein-Westfalen DE 44139
Press contact:
Anne Gregory
Press officer
Ardeystrasse 67 Dortmund Nordrhein-Westfalen DE 44139