Awarded: IfADo research on chronotypes and their effects on brain physiology and behavior

The “NYC Neuromodulation 2020” was also held this year as an online conference with more than 3600 attendees and 250 speakers worldwide. In one session, Prof. Dr. Michael Nitsche, head of the IfADo-research department “Psychology & Neurosiences” and his team presented their research activites on modulators of transcranial brain stimulation (tDCS) at IfADo.

PhD student Ali Salehinejad received two awards for his presentation. In his research he determines the association between brain physiology and chronotypes. Chronotypes are a person’s natural inclination with regard to the times of day when they prefer to sleep or when they are most attentive or energetic. Salehinejads presentation on chronotypes and time-of-day dependent effects on tDCS was rated „outstanding“ and also won the prize „best presentation“ among emerging scientists. The whole IfADo-session about modulators and effects of tDCS can be seen here:

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