Dr. Ahmed Ghallab

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter


Tel.: +49 / 231 1084 356
E-Mail: ghallab@ifado.de


  • Ahmed, Y. A.; Ali, S.; Ghallab, A.: Hair histology as a tool for forensic identification of some domestic animal species
    EXCLI J. 17: 663-670 (2018)
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  • Leist, M.; Ghallab, A.; Marchan, R.; Godoy, P.; Reif, R.; van Thriel, C.; Cadenas, C.; Hengstler, J. G.: Adverse outcome pathways: opportunities, limitations and open questions
    Arch. Toxicol. 91: 3477-3505 (2017)
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  • Schenk, A.; Ghallab, A.; Hofmann, U.; Hassan, R.; Schwarz, M.; Schuppert, A.; Hengstler, J. G.; Kuepfer, L.: Physiologically-based modelling in mice suggests an aggravated loss of clearance capacity after toxic liver damage
    Sci. Rep. 7: 6224 (13 pp) (2017)
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  • Reif, R.; Ghallab, A.; Beattie, L.; Günther, G.; Kuepfer, L.; Kaye, P. M.; Hengstler, J. G.: In vivo imaging of systemic transport and elimination of xenobiotics and endogenous molecules in mice
    Arch. Toxicol. 91: 1335-1352 (2017)
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  • Jansen, P. L.; Ghallab, A.; Vartak, N.; Reif, R.; Schaap, F. G.; Hampe, J.; Hengstler, J. G.: The ascending pathophysiology of cholestatic liver disease
    Hepatology 65: 722-738 (2017)
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  • Ghallab, A.; Celliere, G.; Henkel, S. G.; Godoy, P.; Blaszkewicz, M.; Reif, R.; Marchan, R.; Hengstler, J. G.: Model-guided identification of a therapeutic strategy to reduce hyperammonemia in liver diseases
    J. Hepatol. 64: 860-871 (2016)
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  • Reif, R.; Adawy, A.; Vartak, N.; Schröder, J.; Günther, G.; Ghallab, A.; Schmidt, M.; Hengstler, J. G.: Activated ErbB3 translocates to the nucleus via clathrin-independent endocytosis, which is associated with proliferating cells
    J. Biol. Chem. 291: 3837-3847 (2016)
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  • Bartl, M.; Pfaff, M.; Ghallab, A.; Driesch, D.; Henkel, S. G.; Hengstler, J. G.; Schuster, S.; Kaleta, C.: Optimality in the zonation of ammonia detoxification in rodent liver
    Arch. Toxicol. 89: 2069-2078 (2015)
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  • Thiel, C.; Schneckener, S.; Krauss, M.; Ghallab, A.; Hofmann, U.; Kanacher, T.; Zellmer, S.; Hengstler, J. G.: A systematic evaluation of the use of physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling for cross-species extrapolation
    J. Pharm. Sci. 104: 191-206 (2015)
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  • Hengstler, J. G.; Hammad, S.; Ghallab, A.; Reif, R.; Godoy, P.: In vitro systems for hepatoxicity testing
    In: In vitro toxicology systems (S. 27-44) / ed. by Anna Bal-Price .... New York, NY: Springer Science+Business Media, 2014.
    (Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology, )
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