The need for chemicals in today’s workplace is irrefutable and many are without substitute. Unfortunately, many of these chemicals are used without full knowledge of the risks they pose to the exposed workers. As a result, detailed information of the mechanisms of action of such chemicals, and their health-related effects are required, that at the same time also consider interindividual susceptibility. The launch of the European Union’s new regulations on chemicals (REACH) increased the need for faster and more convincing toxicological test systems.

Here at IfADo, we provide a highly integrated network that encompasses five project groups with the aim of performing comprehensive risk assessment while simultaneously characterizing the underlying mechanisms of toxicity. Our goal is to combine basic research with the applied aspects of toxicology. Therefore, many members of our group are on both national and international committees that set recommendations for standards and threshold limit values for various substances and chemicals. Therefore, we are in a unique position to quickly impart any new knowledge learnt at the bench, which can be used to establish regulations at the workplace.