Dr. Gregor Leonhardt

Research Fellow

Cellular Toxicology

Phone: Tel.: +49 / 231 1084 350
Email: leonhardt@ifado.de

Key publications:

  • Bukhari, H.; Glotzbach, A.; Kolbe, K.; Leonhardt, G.; Loosse, C.; Müller, T.: Small things matter: implications of APP intracellular domain AICD nuclear signaling in the progression and pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease
    Prog. Neurobiol. 165: 189-213 (2017)
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  • Marchan, R.; Büttner, B.; Lambert, J.; Edlund, K.; Glaeser, I.; Blaszkewicz, M.; Leonhardt, G.; Marienhoff, L.: Glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase 1 promotes tumor cell migration and poor survival in ovarian carcinoma
    Cancer Res. 77: 4589-4601 (2017)
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