Implementation & Policy Advice

Limit values and toxicological  assessment of substances help to prevent health risks arising from chemical agents at work. The toxicological research groups of the IfADo contribute to regulation and evaluation of chemicals at the national, European and global level.

Work in scientific committees:

  • Consultative Commission of the Society for Toxicology (J.G. Hengstler)
  • DFG Senate Commission for the Investigation of Health Hazards of Chemical Compounds in the Work Area (MAK) (H.M. Bolt, K. Golka, C. van Thriel)
    • Development of analytical methods (biomonitoring): bisphenol A, propylen- / diethylenglykoether, alcohol & ketones, valin-globinaddukte, 4-chlorcatechol, NAT2 (geno-& phenotyp), ochratoxin A, phytoestrogene
    • Justification for MAK and BAT limit values of: hydrogen sulphide, acrylamide, acetic acid, propion acid, N-methylpyrrolidon
  • DFG Senate Commission on Food Safety (SKLM) (J.G. Hengstler)
  • Committee on Hazardous Substances (G. Degen)
  • Scientific Committee on Occupational Exposure Limits (SCOEL) (H.M. Bolt)
  • Scientific Committee on Consumer Products (SCCP) (G. Degen)