Employees of the IfADo offer lectures at various universities in Dortmund and in the vicinity. The main part is offered at the TU-Dortmund, where the professors of the IfADo are associated. Additionally, there is a close relationship to the department of psychology at the Ruhr University Bochum.

Youth development within the department of Ergonomics

(in cooperation with the department of Ergonomics)


Responsible: Dr. Daniel Schneider

PhD students of both departments are meeting at regular time intervals and present their projects at various stages (planning stage, evaluation, writing). Aim of the seminar is to provide a framework in which students can practice central soft skills among peers. 

Neuroscience and Ergonomics Colloquium

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Edmund Wascher, Prof. Dr. Michael Nitsche

The colloquium offers talks of leading scientists in the fields of ergonomics and neuroscientific behavioral research. In this setting, young scientists at the IfADo have the opportunity to present their research also in small meetings and personal discussion with the guests.

Apart from these official meetings, young investigators at the institute are encouraged to organize themselfes. They meet regularly.

Lecture „Allgemeine Psychologie 2“
Responsible: Dr. Thomas Kleinsorge, Dr. Gerhard Rinkenauer

Journal Club
We meet once weekly to discuss important new research results relevant for our scientific topics. The respective publication is shortly introduced by one of the scientific staff members, followed by an in-depth discussion.