apl- Prof. Dr. Phil. Klaus-Helmut Schmidt

Research fellow

Flexible control of behavior

Phone: +49 / 231 1084 327
Email: schmidtkh@ifado.de

Curriculum Vitae:

  • habilitation in psychology at the University of Dortmund
  • doctor's degree on philosophy (Dr. phil)
  • student of psychology, sociology, and philosophy at the University of Bochum

Research topics:

  • work motivation
  • work and health
  • absenteeism
  • performance measurement and feedback systems
  • self-control demands at work

Key publications:

  • Schmidt, M.; Edlund, K.; Hengstler, J. G.; Heimes, A.-S.; Almstedt, K.; Lebrecht, A.; Rahnenführer, J.; Joensuu, H.: Prognostic impact of immunoglobulin kappa C (IGKC) in early breast cancer
    Cancers ( Basel) 13: (14): 3626 (13 pp) (2021)
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  • Behjati Ardakani, F. ; Kattler, K.; Heinen, T.; Schmidt, F.; Feuerborn, D.; Nell, P.; Hengstler, J. G.; Schulz, M. H.: Prediction of single-cell gene expression for transcription factor analysis
    GigaScience 9: (11): giaa113 (2020)
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  • Heimes, A.-S.; Härtner, F.; Almstedt, K.; Krajnak, S.; Lebrecht, A.; Edlund, K.; Hengstler, J. G.; Schmidt, M.: Prognostic significance of interferon-? and its signaling pathway in early breast cancer depends on the molecular subtypes
    Int. J. Mol. Sci. 21: 7178 (13 pp) (2020)
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  • Gombert, L.; Rivkin, W.; Schmidt, K.-H.: Indirect effects of daily self-control demands on subjective vitality via ego depletion: how daily psychological detachment pays off
    Appl. Psychol.: Int. Rev. 69: 325-350 (2020)
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  • Foerster, A.; Schmidts, C.; Kleinsorge, T.; Kunde, W.: Affective distraction along the flexibility-stability continuum
    Cogn. Emot. 34: 438-449 (2020)
    I am interested in this work
  • Schmidts, C.; Foerster, A.; Kleinsorge, T.; Kunde, W.: Proactive control of affective distraction: experience-based but not expectancy-based
    Cognition 194: 104072 (10 pp) (2020)
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  • Konze, A.-K.; Rivkin, W.; Schmidt, K.-H.: Can faith move mountains?: How implicit theories about willlpower moderate the adverse effect of daily emotional dissonance on ego-depletion at work and its spillover to the home-domain
    Eur. J. Work Organiz. Psychol. 28: 137-149 (2019)
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  • Wang, Y.; Tatham, M. H.; Schmidt-Heck, W.; Swann, C.; Singh-Dolt, K.; Hengstler, J. G.; Godoy, P.; Hay, D. C.: Multiomics analyses of HNF4alpha protein domain function during human pluripotent stem cell differentiation
    iScience 16: 206-217 (2019)
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  • Godoy, P.; Schmidt-Heck, W.; Hellwig, B.; Nell, P.; Feuerborn, D.; Rahnenführer, J.; Kattler, K.; Hengstler, J. G.: Assessment of stem cell differentiation based on genome-wide expression profiles
    Philos. Trans. R. Soc. London B. Biol. Sci. 373: (1750): 20170221 (2018)
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  • Konze, A.-K.; Rivkin, W.; Schmidt, K.-H.: ¬The¬ dark side of job control: a cross-lagged panel study on the interplay of quantitative workload, emotional dissonance, and job control
    In: Arbeit(s).Wissen.Schaf(f)t: Grundlage für Management & Kompetenzentwicklung ; 64. Kongress der Gesellschaft für Arbeitswissenschaft, FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management gGmbH, Essen, 21.–23. Februar 2018 (S. Beitrag A.9.5 (6 S.)) / Schriftleitung: Matthias Jäger. Dortmund: GfA-Press, 2018.
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