Ph.D. Asif Jamil

Research fellow


Phone: +49 / 231 1084 320

Key publications:

  • Hosseinian, T.; Yavari, F.; Kuo, M.-F.; Nitsche, M. A.; Jamil, A.: Phase synchronized 6 Hz transcranial electric and magnetic stimulation boosts frontal theta activity and enhances working memory
    NeuroImage 245: 118772 (13 pp) (2021)
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  • Hosseinian, T.; Yavari, F.; Biagi, M. C.; Kuo, M.-F.; Ruffini, G.; Nitsche, M. A.; Jamil, A.: External induction and stabilization of brain oscillations in the human
    Brain Stimul. 14: 579-587 (2021)
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  • Verstraelen, S.; van Dun, K.; Depestele, S.; Jamil, A.; Ghasemian-Shirvan, E.; Nitsche, M. A.; Meesen, R. L. J.: Dissociating the causal role of left and right dorsal premotor cortices in planning and executing bimanual movements - a neuro-navigated rTMS study
    Brain Stimul. 14: 423-434 (2021)
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  • Mosayebi-Samani, M.; Jamil, A.; Salvador, R.; Ruffini, G.; Haueisen, J.; Nitsche, M. A.: ¬The¬ impact of individual electrical fields and anatomical factors on the neurophysiological outcomes of tDCS: a TMS-MEP and MRI study
    Brain Stimul. 14: 316-326 (2021)
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  • Ghobadi-Azbari, P.; Jamil, A.; Yavari, F.; Esmaeilpour, Z.; Malmir, N.; Mahdavifar-Khayati, R.; Nitsche, M. A.; Ekhtiari, H.: fMRI and transcranial electrical stimulation (tES): A systematic review of parameter space and outcomes
    Prog. Neuropsychopharmacol. Biol. Psychiatry 107: 110149 (2021)
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  • Chen, P. S.; Jamil, A.; Liu, L.-C.; Wie, S.-Y.; Tseng, H.-H.; Nitsche, M. A.; Kuo, M.-F.: Nonlinear effects of dopamine D1 receptor activation on visuomotor coordination task performance
    Cerebral Cortex 30: 5346–5355 (2020)
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  • Jamil, A.; Batsikadze, G.; Kuo, H.-I.; Meesen, R. L. J.; Dechent, P.; Paulus, W.; Nitsche, M. A.: Current intensity- and polarity-specific online and aftereffects of transcranial direct current stimulation: an fMRI study
    Hum. Brain Mapping 41: 1644–1666 (2020)
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  • Tan, J.; Iyer, K. K.; Tang, A. D.; Jamil, A.; Martins, R. N.; Sohrabi, H. R.; Nitsche, M. A.; Fujiyama, H.: Modulating functional connectivity with non-invasive brain stimulation for the investigation and alleviation of age-associated declines in response inhibition: a narrative review
    NeuroImage 185: 490-512 (2019)
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  • Agboada, D.; Mosayebi Samani, M.; Jamil, A.; Kuo, M.-F.; Nitsche, M. A.: Expanding the parameter space of anodal transcranial direct current stimulation of the primary motor cortex
    Sci. Rep. 9: (1): 18185 (11 pp) (2019)
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  • Mosayebi Samani, M.; Agboada, D.; Jamil, A.; Kuo, M.-F.; Nitsche, M. A.: Titrating the neuroplastic effects of cathodal transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) over the primary motor cortex
    Cortex 119: 350-361 (2019)
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