M. Sc. Vivian Bönnemann

Research Fellow


Phone: +49 231 1084 221
Email: boennemann@ifado.de

Key publications:

  • Bönnemann, V.; Claus, M.; Butzeck, B.; Collette, D.; Bröde, P.; Golka, K.; Watzl, C.: Analysis of Natural Killer cell functions in patients with hereditary hemochromatosis
    EXCLI J. 19: 430-441 (2020)
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  • Dorsch, M.; Urlaub, D.; Bönnemann, V.; Bröde, P.; Sandusky, M.; Watzl, C.: Quantitative analysis of human NK cell reactivity using latex beads coated with defined amounts of antibodies
    Eur. J. Immunol. 50: 656-665 (2020)
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