M. Sc. Sarah Metzler

Research Fellow


Phone: +49 231 1084 221
Email: metzler@ifado.de

Key publications:

  • Schlüter, C.; Fraenz, C.; Friedrich, P.; Güntürkün, O.; Genç, E.: Neurite density imaging in amygdala nuclei reveals interindividual differences in neuroticism
    Hum. Brain Mapping 43: 2051-2063 (2022)
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  • Metzler, Sarah; Watzl, C. [1. Gutachter]; Hengstler, J. G. [2. Gutachter]: ¬The¬ role of innate lympoid cells 1 and natural killer cells during drug induced liver damageMetzler, Sarah; Watzl, C. [1. Gutachter]; Hengstler, J. G. [2. Gutachter]. Dortmund: Univ., 2022.
    Dortmund, Tech. Univ., Faculty of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Diss., 2022
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  • Ocklenburg, S.; Metzen, D.; Schlüter, C.; Fraenz, C.; Arning, L.; Streit, F.; Güntürkün, O.; Genç, E.: Polygenic scores for handedness and their association with asymmetries in brain structure
    Brain Struct. Funct. 227: 515-527 (2022)
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  • Fraenz, C.; Schlüter, C.; Friedrich, P.; Jung, R. E.; Güntürkün, O.; Genç, E.: Interindividual differences in matrix reasoning are linked to functional connectivity between brain regions nominated by Parieto-Frontal Integration Theory
    Intelligence 87: 101545 (14 pp) (2021)
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  • Genç, E.; Schlüter, C.; Fraenz, C.; Arning, L.; Metzen, D.; Güntürkün, O.; Kumsta, R.; Ocklenburg, S.: Polygenic scores for cognitive abilities and their association with different aspects of general intelligence: a deep phenotyping approach
    Mol. Neurobiol. 58: 4145-4156 (2021)
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  • Aganovic, K.; Hertel, C.; Vogel, R. F.; Johne, R.; Schlüter, O.; Schwarzenbolz, U.; Roth, A.; Heinz, V.: Aspects of high hydrostatic pressure food processing: Perspectives on technology and food safety
    Compr. Rev. Food Sci. Food Saf. 20: 3225-3266 (2021)
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  • Hanenberg, C.; Schlüter, M.-C.; Getzmann, S.; Lewald, J.: Short-term audiovisual spatial training enhances electrophysiological correlates of auditory selective spatial attention
    Front. Neurosci. 15: 645702 (18 pp) (2021)
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  • Mundorf, A.; Schmitz, J.; Hünten, K.; Fraenz, C.; Schlüter, C.; Genç, E.; Ocklenburg, S.; Freund, N.: MORC1 methylation and BDI are associated with microstructural features of the hippocampus and medial prefrontal cortex
    J. Affect. Disord. 282: 91-97 (2021)
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  • Friedrich, P.; Fraenz, C.; Schlüter, C.; Ocklenburg, S.; Mädler, B.; Genç, E.: ¬The¬ relationship between axon density, myelination, and fractional anisotropy in the human corpus callosum
    Cerebral Cortex 30: 2042-2056 (2020)
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  • Fasbender, F.; Obholzer, M.; Metzler, S.; Stöber, R.; Hengstler, J. G.; Watzl, C.: Enhanced activation of human NK cells by drug-exposed hepatocytes
    Arch. Toxicol. 94: 439–448 (2020)
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