The activity of the immune system can be modulated by occupational-relevant factors such as stress, exposure to chemicals or aging. This may result in weakened immune responses and has important consequences for the health and the productivity of the working individual. It is, therefore, important to investigate the relationships between work and the immune system. We study how the immune system is influenced by different factors in order to identify important modulators. Such modulators may then be avoided or reduced in order to avoid their negative impact on the immune system. In addition, we plan to study the molecular details of such immune disturbances, in order to better understand them. This way we may be able to counteract the negative influence of immune-modulators, which cannot be avoided in an occupational context.

The research group ‘Immunomodulation’ aims to translate the findings of the research group ‘Immunoregulation’ into occupationally relevant applications. The major goal is to study how occupational factors can influence the immune system and thereby affect the health of the working individual.