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Publications in Pubmed


  • Liesche, C.; Sauer, P.; Prager, I.; Urlaub, D.; Claus, M.; Eils, R.; Beaudouin, J.; Watzl, C.: Single-fluorescent protein reporters allow parallel quantification of natural killer cell-mediated granzyme and caspase activities in single target cells
    Front. Immunol. 9: article 1840 (12 pp) (2018)
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  • Maydych, V.; Claus, M.; Dychus, N.; Ebel, M.; Damaschke, J.; Diestel, S.; Kleinsorge, T.; Watzl, C.: Impact of chronic and acute academic stress on lymphocyte subsets and monocyte function
    PLoS ONE 12: (11): e0188108 (19 pp) (2017)
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  • Gajewski, P. D.; Boden, S.; Freude, G.; Claus, M.; Bröde, P.; Watzl, C.; Getzmann, S.; Falkenstein, M.: Executive control, ERP and pro-inflammatory activity in emotionally exhausted middle-aged employees: comparison between subclinical burnout and mild to moderate depression
    Psychoneuroendocrinology 86: 176-186 (2017)
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  • Fasbender, F.; Claus, M.; Wingert, S.; Sandusky, M.; Watzl, C.: Differential requirements for Src-family kinases in SYK or ZAP70-mediated SLP-76 phosphorylation in lymphocytes
    Front. Immunol. 2017: article no. 789 (9 pp) (8)
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  • Rady, M.; Watzl, C.; Claus, M.; Khorshid, O.; Mahran, L.; Abou-Aisha, K.: Altered expression of miR-181a and miR-146a does not change the expression of surface NCRs in human NK cells
    Sci. Rep. 7: 41381 (11 pp) (2017)
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  • Merkt, W.; Claus, M.; Blank, N.; Hundemer, M.; Cerwenka, A.; Lorenz, H.-M.; Watzl, C.: Active but not inactive granulomatosis with polyangiitis is associated with decreased and phenotypically and functionally altered CD56(dim) natural killer cells
    Arthritis Res. Ther. 18: 204 (12 pp.) (2016)
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  • Greil, J.; Verga-Falzacappa, M. V.; Echner, N. E.; Behnisch, W.; Bandapalli, O. R.; Pechanska, P.; Claus, M.; Kulozik, A. E.: Mutating heme oxygenase-1 into a peroxidase causes a defect in bilirubin synthesis associated with microcytic anemia and severe hyperinflammation: (Letters to the editor)
    Haematologica 101: e436 (4 pp) (2016)
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  • Claus, M.; Dychus, N.; Ebel, M.; Damaschke, J.; Maydych, V.; Wolf, O. T.; Kleinsorge, T.; Watzl, C.: Measuring the immune system: a comprehensive approach for the analysis of immune functions in humans
    Arch. Toxicol. 90: 2481-2495 (2016)
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  • Claus, M.; Wingert, S.; Watzl, C.: Modulation of natural killer cell functions by interactions between 2B4 and CD48 in cis and in trans
    Open Biol. 6: article 160010 (11 pp) (2016)
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  • Golka, K.; Collette, D.; Claus, M.; Niedner, H.; Butzeck, B.: Hämochromatose: wichtige Differenzialdiagnose der unspezifischen Leberwerterhöhung
    Zbl. Arbeitsmed. 66: 171-180 (2016)
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