Research departments

The IfADo investigates the demands of modern work using an interdisciplinary approach, ranging from ergonomics, immunology, toxicology all the way to psychology and neurosciences. This professional diversity enable us to look at scientific questions from various different perspectives – starting from the cellular level up to the real working environment.

FB_ErgonomieErgonomics: Working requires targeted information processing and action control. Our responsibility is to assess the requirements for the visual, musculoskeletal and cognitive performance of working individuals from all age groups in order to optimize f workplaces.
FB_ImmunologieImmunology: Our immune system offers unique protection against infections but it can be significantly burdened by our working environment. Our responsibility is to analyze our body’s protective mechanisms – particularly the Natural Killer (NK) cells – and to investigate work-related negative influences.

FB_NeuroPsychology & Neurosciences: Work ability is based on the corresponding cognitive performance. Our responsibility is to detect neurological processes in order to modulate work tasks and to analyze psychological factors of work in order to optimize work flows.
FB_ToxikologieToxicology: The need for chemicals in todays workplace is irrefutable and many are without substitute. Our responsibility is to detect the toxicity of substances, to evaluate the risks they pose to the exposed workers and to make recommendations to the committees responsible for oversight.


Three central scientific services support the scientists at IfADo with know-how and methodical expertise.