Consultation & Application

implementation of such research is also a key function of IfADo.

  • Basic research: The investigation of physiological mechanisms and processes is primarily based on fundamental scientific research. Here, has special competences on the biochemical/cellular and organic/systemic levels as well as the additional dimension of behaviour.
  • Applied Research: The evaluation of work-relevant effects on physiological processes is the goal of IfADos applied research. Here, has special competences concerning the effect of chemical, physical and psychosocial factors.
  • Implementation:  plays an important role in the analysis and implementation of scientific research in its fields of expertise. The various results are addressed to practitioners in companies as well as in a socio-political and legislative context. These include state, federal and international government agencies concerned with regulation and standardization (e.g. DIN, CEN, ISO, AGS, MAK, EU/SCOEL), social partners, professional and industrial associations and individual companies and administrations. Many of our research findings are used for practical applications. For instance, IfADo develops ergonomic design principles, cognitive trainings, and recommendations for occupational medicine. In the field of life sciences, IfADo uses innovative technologies, which are often tailored, optimized and, where appropriate, patented. IfADo transfers knowledge via several channels, including online-tests, trainings, lectures, handouts and consulting tools.

Furthermore, contributes on an international level to the scientific development of its core subjects. It is committed to enhance the scientific discipline and organisation and to support young academic professionals through education and training.