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Outstanding research leads to social and technical innovations and can help to meet societal challenges. Cutting-edge research simply is not possible without well-trained people.

We offer you:

  • equal opportunity
  • measures to reconcile work and family life
  • trainings and Qualification
  • networking and cooperation with universities, research organizations and the Leibniz  Association
  • international research groups
  • basic and applied research
  • and best laboratory equipment, a good atmosphere, a wide range of research fields and a high level of responsibility as well as fundamental freedom of research
Current Job Offers

Measures in terms of the Leibniz gender equality standards and goal of diversity, as well as the overall IfADo gender equality policy

IfADo is committed to the equality of women and men. The Leibniz Gender Equality Standards are carefully taken into account in recruitment processes and in enabling the compatibility of work and family.

Special attention is given to increasing the proportion of women in leadership positions. Gender equality is included as a consistent guiding principle in all tasks and decisions in organizational development, internal control and personnel planning, recruitment and personnel development.

The staff comprises 60% female employees. The number of international personnel, currently comprises 25% of total staff from 23 foreign countries. IfADo provides requirements to comply with diversity rules (based ethnicity, national origin, religion, belief) due to internationalization.

Gender equality and family orientation is mirrored by the TOTAL E-QUALITY AWARD, which IfADo carries continuously since 2010. This TOTAL E-QUALITY certificate awards institutions that are committed to equal opportunities for women and men in their personnel and organizational policies.