Diversity-Day 2020 at IfADo

In 2019, IfADo signed the “Charta der Vielfalt” – a voluntary commitment to promote diversity at work. “Only through diverse teams our research can develop further,” says Brigitta Thiel, Commercial Director at IfADo. “We are committed to the “Charta der Vielfalt” because diversity enriches our research.” On Diversity Day 2020, we will give an impression of how diverse our research institute is. we love diversity

Diversity connects because smart minds stick together

Diversity connects us in IfADo with everyone – because our research is an international team effort – because our cutting-edge research needs a lot of  bright minds – because our research for working environment and human factors serves for well-being and benefit of everyone – because science is an international puzzle and the kaleidoscope is becoming more and more colorful.

Collage Mitarbeiter ifADo
Team work: 11 out of 220 employees at IfADo. Foto: IfADo

Together we are strong and are getting stronger – that brings friends and joy!