The German Spine Study 2: The EPILIFT Exposure Criteria Study

The EPILIFT Exposure Criteria Study provides a detailed re-analysis of the data of the German Spine Study EPILIFT which represents a prospective multicenter population-based case-control study in collaboration with 30 hospitals, several university departments and research institutes. In this previous study, a positive dose-response relationship between physical load and the development of intervertebral-disc related disease was found. With the interdisciplinary EPILIFT 2 study also essential fundamentals of a content-based assessment of the dose-effect relationship were developed. For the derivation of “best estimates” for thresholds of daily dose, compressive force and trunk’s forward inclination in cumulative dose models, the minimum values were varied separately defining “combination models” with high goodness of fit. Critical values were derived for both men and women representing the dose of doubled risk to develep a disc disease compared with the general population.