Health and elderly care – DOLLY 3

Earlier examinations of the load on the lumbar spine during manual patient handling show that a substantial reduction of the otherwise too high lumbar load is possible by applying ‘biomechanically clever’ working techniques (cf. 3rd Dortmund Lumbar Load Study, DOLLY 3). On the basis of paired comparisons of identical tasks with significantly different lumbar load, first attempts of biomechanical features in posture, movement and force exertion of caregiver and patient were identified in order to reduce lumbar load. It is planned to process these attempts to applicable rules; for this purpose, the approaches shall be checked with regard to familiarities and categorized to summarized biomechanically substantiated rules in order to support healtcare workers at a forthcoming task of moving a patient. Finally, these hints shall be provided to practioners to derive adequate modifications resulting in simplified applicable instructions.
Published: Guidelines for back-friendly manual patient handling