Half-time in the FELICE project: Shaping the future of global manufacturing

Dec 20, 2022

In the EU research project “Flexible Assembly Manufacturing with Human-Robot Collaboration and Digital Twin Models” (FELICE), IfADo and numerous European partners are researching, among other things, collaboration between humans and robots in the context of production. One focus of the work is on the physical and cognitive ergonomics of employees in production. The next steps consist of defining prerequisites and requirements for human-machine collaboration. For this, application scenarios are created in cooperation with the needs and experiences of assembly workers.

The FELICE consortium met at the Stellantis plant in Melfi, Italy. Photo: FELICE

Modern technology is enabling a radical transformation of the manufacturing industry worldwide. With an ever-growing demand for products and services, a novel approach is required that can lead industrial manufacturing into its new era. To this end, the EU-funded FELICE project is attempting to develop state-of-the-art assembly processes that will meet the industrial demands of the future.

To achieve these goals, technologies are being developed that combine the accuracy and endurance of robots with the cognitive skills and flexibility of humans. This could optimise human-machine interaction, make life easier for workers and drive the future of industrial production.

Scientific Contact:
Felix Dreger / Dr. Yannick Metzler
Research Assistants Ergonomics
Phone: +49 231 1084-371 / -261
Email: dreger@ifado.de / metzler@ifado.de

Press Contact:
Anne Gregory
Press Officer
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