EU research project on sustainable work successfully completed

Dec 19, 2022

The EU-funded research project sustAGE (smart environments for person-centred sustainable work and well-being) was successfully completed in 2022. Together with international project partners, IfADo addressed the question of how the cognitive, emotional and physical performance of older workers can be analysed and increased in everyday working life. The sustAGE system developed in the project was integrated in a Greek port and in Italian production plants of the automotive industry.

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The interdisciplinary pilot project sustAGE started three years ago and was supported with four million euros under Horizon 2020. The researchers from IfADo led work package 2, in which a comprehensive picture of the current work situation for older people at work was first determined.

Based on this data, the project partners developed an intelligent system that uses this collected data to provide person-oriented feedback on the current workload and make health-promoting recommendations. In this way, the work environment and the work situation are to be adapted to older workers and the health and well-being of the workforce is to be maintained. In the long term, the improved conditions can also increase productivity in the company.

Scientific Contact:
Dr. Georgios Athanassiou
Research Assistant Ergonomics
Phone: +49 231 1084-565

Press Contact:
Anne Gregory
Press Officer
Phone: +49 231 1084-239