Gerhard Rinkenauer: Associate Professor

Gerhard Rinkenauer has recently been appointed “Associate Professor” at the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Sociology at the TU Dortmund University. At IfADo, he has been researching the interface between man and technology since 2005. Besides, he has been a lecturer at the TU Dortmund University in the Department of Psychology since 2008.

Gerhard Rinkenauer Portrait

After starting his career as a development engineer Gerhard Rinkenauer studied information science and psychology. In Psychology he received his PhD and qualified as a professor. The combination of engineering science and psychology serves as a solid foundation for the head of the Future Laboratory “Human-Machine Interaction” at IfADo. In 2014, he was offered the professorship “Applied Gerontopsychology” at the Chemnitz University of Technology, which he declined in order to stay at the IfADo. Currently, Gerhard Rinkenauer is investigating how digital assistance systems need to be adapted to the needs and abilities of humans.