Study subjects wanted

MRI study "Chronotype"
For the study "Chronotype," IfADo is looking for participants. Who are healthy, right-handed, non-smokers and aged between 18 and 40 years. The study investigates how the chronotype is reflected in brain activity and its potential relation to mental illnesses. This research is conducted using MRI and cognitive tasks.
MRI study
The IfADo is looking for healthy, right-handed test subjects aged 18-40 years. The brain activity is being investigated during cognitive tasks related to attention, memory, and motor performance.
Study to investigate the effect of toluene on brain function
Toluene is one of the most used organic solvents and is found in a wide variety of commercially available products. With this study, we aim to improve knowledge of how toluene exposure affects human brain function.
Smokers & Non-Smokers
A study by the Leibniz Institute of Occupational Research on how nicotine affects the brain.
Blood donors wanted: 20 Euro compensation
Freshly donated blood is regularly needed for IfADo research projects in the field of immunology. A compensation of 20 euros is paid for the blood donation.