Psychology and Neurosciences

Modern work is cognitively challenging. In the Department of Psychology and Neurosciences mechanisms, foundations and influencing factors are investigated to improve working conditions.

Head of department
Prof. Dr. Michael Nitsche
Lisa Göbel
Ardeystr. 67
44139 Dortmund

Head of Department

Modern working conditions are characterised by a high degree of cognitive challenges, which include areas such as lifelong learning, flexibility of behavioural control, problem-solving ability, but also emotional components. Our research aims to better understand the physiological and psychological factors influencing these processes in both basic and applied areas, including real working conditions. This enables us to identify favourable and unfavourable working conditions and to modify them in a targeted manner in order to improve performance, work motivation and satisfaction as well as to prevent work-related illnesses. For this purpose, a broad arsenal of psychological and neuroscientific methods is available, ranging from experimental psychology to imaging and brain stimulation methods to animal laboratories in the field of neuroscience.

Research Groups

The group investigates the physiological basis of cognitive performance and how it is influenced by individual and environmental factors in order to improve working conditions and performance.
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Flexible Control of Behaviour
The group examines the costs and benefits associated with the flexibility demands that the modern world of work places on employees.
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Neuroimaging and Interindividual Differences
The project group uses MRI-based techniques to understand the neurophysiological basis of work-related factors and to develop ways to modulate them.
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