The immune system is essential to protect us from disease. Understanding the immune system is therefore particularly important for keeping the workforce healthy.

Head of department
Prof. Dr. Carsten Watzl
Doris Teutsch
Ardeystr. 67
44139 Dortmund

Head of Department

The immune system is one of the largest organs in our body and constantly protects us from infections and diseases through its various activities. Work-related factors such as stress, shift work, nutrition, chemical exposure and ageing can influence the function of the immune system. Disorders of the immune system can lead to infections, tumour diseases, but also allergies, autoimmune diseases and chronic inflammatory diseases. A thorough understanding of the immune system is therefore also of particular importance for the modern world of work with regard to keeping the workforce healthy.

Research Groups

To understand a complex organ like the immune system, it is helpful to analyse individual modes of function. The group therefore focuses on the function of natural killer cells.
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The research group Neuroimmunology investigates the interaction between the nervous system and the immune system, with special focus on the effect of neurotransmitters on cells outside of the nervous system.
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The group investigates the influence of factors relevant to the physiology of work, such as stress, shift work, nutrition, chemical exposure and age factors on the immune system.
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