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Head of department
Susanne Lindemann
Ardeystr. 67
44139 Dortmund
Short-term effects of visuomotor discrepancies on multisensory integration, proprioceptive recalibration, and motor adaptation. J Neurophysiol 129: 465-478 (2023)
Modulation of lytic molecules restrain serial killing in γδ T lymphocytes. Nat Commun 14: 6035 (2023) (16 pp)
Guidance for statistical design and analysis of toxicological dose-response experiments, based on a comprehensive literature review. Arch Toxicol 97: 2741-2761 (2023)
The impact of speed-accuracy instructions on spatial congruency effects. J Cogn 6 (1): 49 (2023) (12 pp)
Transcriptome-based prediction of drugs, inhibiting cardiomyogenesis in human induced pluripotent stem cells. Cell Death Discov 9 (1): 321 (2023) (12 pp)
Risk assessment of parabens in a transcriptomics-based in vitro test. Chem Biol Interact 384: 110699 (2023)
Early expansion of activated adaptive but also exhausted NK cells during acute severe SARS-CoV-2 infection. Front Cell Infect Microbiol 13: 1266790 (2023) (8 pp)
Was nichts kostet, ist nichts wert? Integration psychischer Belastung in die allgemeine Gefährdungsbeurteilung. Z wirtschaftl Fabrikbetrieb 118: 412-416 (2023)
Strategisches Arbeitsschutzmanagement: Auf der Suche nach Kennzahlen. Sicherheitsingenieur 54 (7-8): 6-9 (2023)
Fortschreibung der Gefährdungsbeurteilung psychischer Belastung. Sonderfall oder Business as Usual? Sicherheitsingenieur 54 (3): 12-15 (2023)
Immediate and delayed salivary cytokine responses during repeated exposures to Cold Pressor stress. Neuroimmunomodulation 30: 81–92 (2023)
Basic concepts of mixture toxicity and relevance for risk evaluation and regulation. Arch Toxicol 97: 3005-3017 (2023)
Vinpocetine protects against chloroquine-induced cardiotoxicity by mitigating oxidative stress. Arch Toxicol 97: 2763–2770 (2023)
Different time scales of common-cause evidence shape multisensory integration, recalibration and motor adaptation. Eur J Neurosci 58: 3253-3269 (2023)
Removing the cardiac field artifact from the EEG using neural network regression. Psychophysiology 60 (10): e14323 (2023) (13 pp)

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