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Susanne Lindemann
Ardeystr. 67
44139 Dortmund
Increased sinusoidal export of drug glucuronides is a compensative mechanism in liver cirrhosis of mice. Front Pharmacol 14: 1279357 (2023) (14 pp)
Kombinierte Faktoren psychischer Belastung in der Gefährdungsbeurteilung. Die Welt als dynamisches Netz. Sicherheitsingenieur 54 (12): 14-16 (2023)
KI-koordinierte Kollaboration zwischen Mensch und Roboter: Implikationen für Arbeitsgestaltung und Einführung in Organisationen. Z wirtschaftl Fabrikbetrieb 118: 682-687 (2023)
Radikale Zystektomie bei querschnittgelähmten Patienten. UroForum 14 (9): 22-26 (2023)
Einsatz digitaler Assistenzsysteme zur Stärkung von Interaktionsarbeit in der Pflege. Future challenges in logistics and supply chain management. (Hrsg.: ten Hompel M, Henke M, Clausen U). Dortmund: Fraunhofer-Institut für Materialfluss und Logistik IML, 2023
Acetaldehyde as a food flavoring substance: aspects of risk assessment. Mol Nutr Food Res 67: 2200661 (2023) (29 pp)
Blink-related EEG activity measures cognitive load during proactive and reactive driving. Sci Rep 13 (1): 19379 (2023)
Combining virtual reality exposure therapy with non-invasive brain stimulation for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and related syndromes: a perspective. In: Pinna G (ed): Translational methods for PTSD research. New York, NY: Humana Press, 2023 (Neuromethods, Vol 198)
Synthesis and binding mode predictions of novel Siglec-7 ligands. J Med Chem 66: 14315–14334 (2023)
Integrating the embodiment-projection-role paradigm to develop and implement a two-hour-workshop for stress management among nurses. Arts Psychother 86: 102090 (2023)
The relationship between self-reported chronic stress, physiological stress axis dysregulation and medically-unexplained symptoms. Biol Psychol 183: 108690 (2023)
Cognitive functions, neurotransmitter alterations, and hippocampal microstructural changes in mice caused by feeding on western diet. Cells 12 (18): 2331 (2023) (20 pp)
PFASs-restriction proposal commentary on ECHA's Annex XV restriction report, proposal for a restriction, March 2023. (Guest editorial). Arch Toxicol 97: 3305-3312 (2023)
Comparative metabolism of aflatoxin B1 in mouse, rat and human primary hepatocytes using HPLC-MS/MS. Arch Toxicol 97: 3179-3196 (2023)
Evidence of altered fear extinction learning in individuals with high vaccine hesitancy during Covid-19 pandemic. Clin Neuropsychiatry 20: 364-369 (2023)

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