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Marie Beaupain at the Science Slam


Flashes of inspiration with Marie Beaupain - IfADo researcher at the DGN Science Slam

Neurology PhD student Marie Beaupain wowed the audience at the German Neurological Society's "Geistesblitze" science slam at the Volksbühne Berlin. In her presentation "Dopamine and electric shocks - it's getting stimulating for the brain", she spoke about …
Dr. Erhan Genç


Erhan Genç gives inaugural lecture at TU Dortmund

Erhan Genç, head of the "Neuroimaging and Interindividual Differences" working group at IfADo, has been a university professor at TU Dortmund University since the end of August. He received his teaching license at the Faculty of Education, Psychology and …
Prof. Dr. Michael Nitsche


Michael Nitsche is one of the „Highly Cited Researchers 2023“

Prof. Dr. Michael Nitsche, Head of the Department Psychology & Neurosciences, is one of the most frequently cited scientists worldwide in his field. The neuroscientist is thus once again on the annual „Highly Cited Researchers“ list of the US company …


Project start: What influence does the inner clock have on mental health?

Humans have an individual internal clock that tells them when they need sleep or when they are particularly productive. This individual sleep-wake rhythm describes the so-called chronotype. How the chronotype is reflected in brain activity and possibly related …
Stressed worker at the computer


German Center for Mental Health launches

The German Center for Mental Health starts in May and IfADo is part of it. The new, nationwide center has a foothold in the middle of the Ruhr area. The goal is to improve mental health in the long term. IfADo scientists from the fields of neuroscience, …

Psychology & Neurosciences

How genes, brain characteristics and intelligence are connected

Genes influence different structures and the function of the brain. These in turn explain differences in behaviour. Analysing all three aspects at once is a challenge – but has now been achieved.


Kuri Takahashi receives International Brain Stimulation Best Poster Award

At this year’s International Brain Stimulation Conference in Portugal at the end of February, Kuri Takahashi, a PhD student in the Department of Psychology and Neurosciences, was awarded for her poster presentation.


Sleep deprivation affects cognitive performance

Anyone who has ever had a night of poor sleep or no sleep at all knows how much the lack of sleep can affect concentration the next day. Researchers at the Leibniz Research Centre for Working Environment and Human Factors have studied how exactly sleep …


Michael Nitsche becomes a member of the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina

Prof. Dr. Michael Nitsche, Head of the Department of Psychology & Neurosciences, is a new member of the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina. On 23 November, he accepted his membership certificate, together with other new members, from Leopoldina …