Digitisation of work

Knowledge Transfer

The spectrum of applied work research is as broad as workplaces are diverse. Our applied research is implemented in form of neuro-ergonomic recommendations, occupational health principles for action and expert opinions on the setting of occupational exposure limits. In this way, IfADo fulfills its obligation to make central findings available to the public. In addition, we provide our consulting tools and ergonomic recommendations for action on this page. Some of them are available only in German.

Office Workplace
At office workplaces, people usually work in a seated position – for decades. Here, the top priority is to bring the chair, monitor and table into the right position.
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Biomechanical Overload
Physical stress is a daily occurrence in many workplaces. The Dortmund Lumbar Load Atlas helps to assess such stresses on the musculoskeletal system. With its help, companies can classify the biomechanical overload at the workplace and prevent illnesses.
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