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Work in research is not limited to people with an academic degree. The range of different jobs is much more diverse. In fact, more than half of the employees at IfADo have completed an in-company apprenticeship. In order to attract qualified employees, the institute provides up to ten apprenticeships per year.

The apprenticeship conditions generally lead to above-average to excellent degrees, which are sometimes also rewarded with a shortening of the apprenticeship period. For young people who enjoy research, we offer special opportunities for the future. With dual training paths, IfADo offers a secure foundation for a career.

Office Manager

In Germany, apprenticeship office management takes place mainly at two locations: Vocational school and company. In this dual system of vocational training, the practical training takes place mainly in the company (here: IfADo) and the in-service theoretical training takes place in the vocational school (here: district of the Dortmund Chamber of Industry and Commerce).

At IfADo, trainees go through the administrative areas of financial accounting, human resources, purchasing, third-party funding management and the management department of the executive board.

Biology Laboratory Technician in the Dortmund Biotechnology Training Network (IfADo, ISAS, MPI)

Biology laboratory technicians prepare tests on animals, plants, microorganisms and cell cultures and carry them out under the guidance of scientists. They observe and control experimental procedures and evaluate the results. Biology laboratory technicians work in medical and biological research, applied medicine and in the public health sector. In industry, for example, they are employed by pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturers, food producers and companies that manufacture biotechnical products. In addition, they can also work in hospitals.

Since 2005 there has been a Dortmund Biotechnology Training Network, a joint initiative of Dortmund research institutions to create more training places. In cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Physiology (MPI), the Leibniz Institute for Analytical Sciences (ISAS) and the IfADo, biology laboratory technicians are trained.

Industrial Mechanic

The occupation of industrial mechanic is a recognised apprenticeship. The 3½-year in-company training is completed by a final examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The fields of application of the industrial mechanic range from locksmith work to work as a skilled worker with CNC machines or the manufacture of individual pieces to the setting of machines in production.

At IfADo, the focus of training is specifically on precision mechanical work for precisely fitting equipment in the research laboratories.

Animal keeper in Research / Clinic

Animal keepers specialising in research and clinical work care for and breed laboratory animals in research and study facilities, where they also assist in animal experiments.