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Susanne Lindemann
Ardeystr. 67
44139 Dortmund
Comparing auditory distance perception in real and virtual environments and the role of the loudness cue: A study based on event-related potentials. Hear Res 444: 108968 (2024) (15 pp)
Occurrence of ochratoxin A in breast milk and urine samples of nursing mothers in Bangladesh. Mycotoxin Res 40: 135-146 (2024)
A translational roadmap for transcranial magnetic and direct current stimulation in stroke rehabilitation: Consensus-based core recommendations from the third stroke recovery and rehabilitation roundtable. Int J Stroke 19: 145–157 (2024)
Inhibition during task switching is affected by the number of competing tasks. Mem Cognit 52: 211-224 (2024)
Targeting the prefrontal-supplementary motor network in obsessive-compulsive disorder with intensified electrical stimulation in two dosages: a randomized, controlled trial. Transl Psychiatry 14 (1): 78 (2024) (11 pp)
Absence of modulatory effects of 6Hz cerebellar transcranial alternating current stimulation on fear learning in men. Front Hum Neurosci 17: 1328283 (2024) (9 pp)
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on academic performance: a comparative analysis of face-to face and online assessment. Front Psychol 15: 1299136 (2024) (9 pp)
Chronic Toxoplasma gondii infection modulates hearing ability across the adult life span. Life 14 (2): 194 (2024) (10 pp)
Individual predictors of vaccine hesitancy in the Italian post COVID-19 pandemic era. Hum Vaccin Immunother 20 (1): 2306677 (2024) (7 pp)
Inhibition of the renal apical sodium dependent bile acid transporter prevents cholemic nephropathy in mice with obstructive cholestasis. J Hepatol 80: 268-281 (2024)
Investigating robust associations between functional connectivity based on graph theory and general intelligence. Sci Rep 14 (1): 1368 (2024) (18 pp)
Aflatoxin M1 analysis in urine of mill workers in Bangladesh: A pilot study. Toxins (Basel) 16 (1): 45 (2024) (11 pp)
Adjunctive transcranial direct current stimulation to improve swallowing functions in Parkinson’s disease. EXCLI J. 23: 95-107 (2024)
a systematic review of randomized controlled trials with parallel-group design. Brain Sci 14: 26 (2024) (14 pp)
Evaluation of different feedback designs for target guidance in human controlled robotic cranes: A comparison between high and low performance groups. Appl Ergon 116: 104204 (2024)

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