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Susanne Lindemann
Ardeystr. 67
44139 Dortmund
Systematic literature review of heavy metal contamination of the Nigerian environment from e-waste management: Associated health and carcinogenic risk assessment. Toxicology 505: 153811 (2024) (15 pp)
Commentary of the SKLM to the EFSA opinion on risk assessment of N-nitrosamines in food. (Editorial). Arch Toxicol 98: 1573-1580 (2024)
EDI3 knockdown in ER-HER2+ breast cancer cells reduces tumor burden and improves survival in two mouse models of experimental metastasis. Breast Cancer Res 26(1): 87 (2024) (20 pp)
Analysis of learning the bimanual control of (tele)operating joint space controlled robotic arms with 4 degrees of freedom using the two-timescales power law of learning. Ergonomics 67: 759-771 (2024)
Stress from early life to adulthood: Is there a protective role of cognitive control? Brain Cogn 78: 106165 (2024) (9 pp)
Radikale Zystektomie bei querschnittgelähmten Patientinnen und Patienten. Chirurgische Praxis 84: 232-239 (2024)
Targeting the left DLPFC and right VLPFC in unmarried romantic relationship breakup (love trauma syndrome) with intensified electrical stimulation: A randomized, single-blind, parallel-group, sham-controlled study. J Psychiatr Res 175: 170-182 (2024)
Aliphatic carboxylic acids: unsaturated. In: Paustenbach D, Farland W, Greim H, Klaunig J, Levy L (eds): Patty’s toxicology, 7th ed. (pp 1-55). New York: Wiley, 2024 [Update based on the previous version of this chapter by Maria Szilagyi, Patty's Toxicology Sixth Edition, © 2012, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.]
Integrated data from intravital imaging and HPLC-MS/MS analysis reveal large interspecies differences in AFB1 metabolism in mice and rats. Arch Toxicol 98: 1081-1093 (2024)
Third-generation CD19.CAR-T cell-containing combination therapy in Scl70+ systemic sclerosis. (Letter) Ann Rheum Dis 83: 543-546 (2024)
Both stimulus-specific and configurational features of multiple visual stimuli shape the spatial ventriloquism effect. Eur J Neurosci 59: 1770-1788 (2024)
Mild deficits in fear learning: evidence from humans and mice with cerebellar cortical degeneration. eNeuro 11 (2): ENEURO.0365-23.2023 (2024) (24 pp)
141-151 (2024)
Safety of noninvasive brain stimulation in children. Curr Opin Psychiatry 37 (2): 78-86 (2024)
Adult ADHD: it is old and new at the same time - what is it? Rev Neurosci 35: 225–241 (2024)

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