Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Michael Nitsche

Nitsche_web Head of Department

Psychology and neurosciences

Phone: +49 / 231 1084 301 (-302 Office)

Curriculum Vitae:

  • 2015-present: W3 Full Professor and Scientific Director, Leibniz Institut für Arbeitsforschung an der TU Dortmund, IfADo
  • 2006-2015: Consultant (chief epileptologist) at Dept. Clinical Neurophysiology, University Medical Center, Goettingen
  • 2006-2015: Neurology, Georg-August-University Goettingen
  • 2006: Habilitation (PD Dr. habil.)
  • 2005: Board Certification (Neurology)
  • 2000: Doctoral Degree (Dr. med.)
  • 1999-2005: Neurophysiology, Georg-August-University Goettingen
  • 1999: License to practice medicine, M.D.
  • 1995: Diploma Psychology
  • 1991-1998: Study of Medicine, Georg-August-University Goettingen
  • 1987-1995: Study of Psychology, Georg-August-University Goettingen
Publications in Pubmed


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    Cerebral Cortex 27: 544-553 (2017)
    I am interested in this work
  • Pavlova, E. L.; Lindberg, P.; Khan, A.; Ruschkowski, S.; Nitsche, M. A.; Borg, J.: Transcranial direct current stimulation combined with visuo-motor training as treatment for chronic stroke patients
    Restor. Neurol. Neurosci. 35: 307-317 (2017)
    I am interested in this work
  • Grundey, J.; Amu, R.; Batsikadze, G.; Paulus, W.; Nitsche, M. A.: Diverging effects of nicotine on motor learning performance: improvement in deprived smokers and attenuation in non-smokers
    Addict. Behav. 74: 90-97 (2017)
    I am interested in this work
  • Kuo, M. F.; Chen, P. S.; Nitsche, M. A.: The application of tDCS for the treatment of psychiatric diseases
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    I am interested in this work
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    I am interested in this work
  • Yavari, F.; Nitsche, M. A.; Ekhtiari, H.: Transcranial electric stimulation for precision medicine: a spatiomechanistic framework
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    I am interested in this work
  • Costa-Ribeiro, A.; Maux, A.; Bosford, T.; Aoki, Y.; Castro, R.; Baltar, A.; Shirahige, L.; Nitsche, M. A.: Transcranial direct current stimulation associated with gait training in Parkinson's disease: a pilot randomized clinical trial
    Dev. Neurorehabil. 20: 121-128 (2017)
    I am interested in this work
  • Jongkees, B. J.; Sellaro, R.; Beste, C.; Nitsche, M. A.; Kühn, S.; Colzato, L. S.: L-Tyrosine administration modulates the effect of transcranial direct current stimulation on working memory in healthy humans
    Cortex 90: 103-114 (2017)
    I am interested in this work
  • Lefaucheur, J. P.; Antal, A.; Ayache, S. S.; Benniger, D. H.; Brunelin, J.; Cogiamanian, F.; Nitsche, M. A.; Paulus, W.: Evidence-based guidelines on the therapeutic use of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)
    Clin. Neurophysiol. 128: 56-92 (2017)
    I am interested in this work
  • Buch, E. R.; Santarnecchi, E.; Antal, A.; Born, J.; Celnik, P. A.; Classen, J.; Nitsche, M. A.; Cohen, L. G.: Effects of tDCS on motor learning and memory formation: a consensus and critical position paper
    Clin. Neurophysiol. 128: 589-603 (2017)
    I am interested in this work
  • Giordano, J.; Bikson, M.; Kappenman, E. S.; Clark, V. P.; Coslett, H. B.; Hamblin, M. R.; Nitsche, M. A.; Calabrese, E.: Mechanisms and effects of transcranial direct current stimulation
    Dose Response 15: 1-22 (2017)
    I am interested in this work
  • Jamil, A.; Batsikadze, G.; Kuo, H.-I.; Labruna, L.; Hasan, A.; Paulus, W.; Nitsche, M. A.: Systematic evaluation of the impact of stimulation intensity on neuroplastic after-effects induced by transcranial direct current stimulation
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    I am interested in this work
  • Kuo, H. I.; Paulus, W.; Batsikadze, G.; Jamil, A.; Kuo, M. F.; Nitsche, M. A.: Acute and chronic effects of noradrenergic enhancement on transcranial direct current stimulation-induced neuroplasticity in humans
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    I am interested in this work
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    I am interested in this work
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    I am interested in this work
  • Fiori, V.; Nitsche, M.; Iasevoli, L.; Cucuzza, G.; Caltagirone, C.; Marangolo, P.: Differential effects of bihemispheric and unihemispheric transcranial direct current stimulation in young and elderly adults in verbal learning
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    I am interested in this work
  • Knotkova, H.; Nitsche, M. A.; Tronnier, V.: Neurostimulation: (Editorial)
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