Visual Ergonomics

Principle investigator: Wolfgang Jaschinski
Staff: Mirjam König
Funds: n.a.
Cooperation/Partners: Dr. Aiga Svede, Department of Optometry and Vision Science, University of Latvia, Lettland; Prof. Roger Crelier, Dr. Roland Joos, Volkhard Schroth, Institut für Optometrie, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Olten, Schweiz

Computer use can lead to eye strain and visual complaints when working in a typical office, at mobile workstations and or at home. Beside classical computer screens, new types of displays appeared, e.g. 3D-displays or tablet PCs. These conditions represent a load for the focus mechanism of the eye in near vision and the coordination of the movement of the two eyes.Brille

In times of demographic change, the generation 40plus is particularly challenged because of the declining near vision with age. We investigate, which eye glasses are favourable for the individual user and which are the corresponding ergonomic solutions. We combine ergonomic and optometric approaches.

Our findings are transferred from research to practice with the internet consultation tool

The aim of our research is a physiologically based design of workplace ergonomics, considering optical, visual and musculoskeletal aspects. Therefore, we investigate the movement coordination of the eyes and head.


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